Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ireland - McDonald's Menu

Last year I think I said I'm not eating anything from Mc Donald's unless I have to. Well, I've seen interesting items on the Dutch and German menu, so I thought maybe I'll see something special in Ireland.

I went in and looked for the menu, but I didn't see anything particularly highlighted. Also, there is no Easy Order system like I saw in the Netherlands. 

The only eye-catching item on the menu when I went there last week was the Bacon Chicken Onion burger.

What could be missing from a full meal course? Well, on this one, I'd say the texture was a little too boring. The chicken was nice and crispy, but it's so thin that I didn't feel the juiciness from the chicken. The bacon was not too dry or anything like that but it was still dry and bacon is somewhat brittle and chewy. The lettuce was crispy at all. The only non-crispy thing was the bread. Basically, almost everything was crispy and dry.

There's nothing fancy in Ireland's Mc Donald's, so I won't be coming back there for the second time. There are still many traditional Irish food that I haven't tried, why waste my stomach on Mc Donald's? I will be gone in less than two months and getting Irish visa isn't that easy.


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