Monday, January 21, 2013

Ireland - Titanic Tea

I will admit that for 23 years I did not bother knowing that the famous Titanic ship was built in Belfast, Ireland. All I ever remember from the movie was Jack, Rose, and the iceberg. I think that is rather understandable considering that I watched Titanic when I was in 3rd grade and the Internet was still a sci-fi concept that has yet to realize. Well, at least in Indonesia. Years have gone by and I did not have a sligth interest looking at the history of Titanic until I came to Ireland.

I was on the way back from school, exploring different routes that I can take. Taking the usual route is sure comfortable and assuring, but I'm sure I'll find something interesting along the new routes. I ended up stopping by at Dunnes Store. It's funny how that store is just right across the river from where I am living right now, and I didn't really bother to check it out after 2 weeks of life here.

The supermarket in Dunnes sell uncommon brands that I don't see in TESCO, including this Titanic Tea.

As a person studying food science and technology, and as a student who is currently studying about marketing, it should be easy for me to realize that this product is just a play on marketing.

The packaging is more fancy than other typical tea brands like Lipton or Barry's paper box. With high quality, smooth and shiny aluminum packaging and of course the name 'Titanic', it is very easy to catch one's attention. I tried to look at the ingredients list, or any hints on the packaging that describes the flavor of the tea, but I couldn't find it. Most likely, if the flavor is not something highlighted on the package, this is comparable to any ordinary tea out there.
But the problem is, I don't know what kind of tea it is comparable to. So I bought this package for 2.89 euros. It is slightly more expensive than other tea brands, but 50 cents won't hurt to satisfy my curiosity. Afterall, this is going to be my first and my last time buying it because I don't think I can even finish 80 teabags in 2 months.


So, what's the flavor? I'm currently having a serious issue with blocked nose so it's a little bit hard to tell. My first perception of the aroma was 'woody', but when I asked my housemate to smell it, she said it has the same smell as Lipton Yellow Label black tea. That being said, I also can't accurately tell what kind of flavor the tea has, but my guess is that this tea is equivalent to a typical English breakfast tea.
I'm not entirely disappointed because although it's not a really good tea, it's also not a bad tea. Plus, now I know how it tastes and smells like :)


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