Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ireland - Pubs and the City

For 3 years, I lived in a town surrounded by corn fields, and my biggest entertainment was Walmart. The next six months after graduation was spent in the neighborhood of the town with the highest criminal rate in the United States. The first four months of graduate school was spent in a very natural area. Now, I'm back to what I call a city life in Cork.

The Courthouse

I like the convenience of having shops open on Sunday, groceries open until 10 pm and an open market available every day. I have not visited the open market yet because I had no idea that it is called the English Market here. My housemate came back from their exploration today and told me that the English Market is frigging awesome and I should definitely check it out. And I will.

There are so many pubs around the city center, and most of them feature live music, ranging from jazz to country. There are also pubs with dance floors and DJs if you like to dance.

The first drink I had was actually Bulmers, an Irish cider. Ireland is famous for its stout beer but I hate stouts. In the first place, I'm not a fervent drinker. I do like to occasionally drink for social purposes, but I don't like the sensation of being drunk because my face gets really hot and I just feel like sleeping after half a pint of beer.

Bulmers is a little to sweet for me, but it's better than the Chinese herbal medicine taste of Guiness. I like wheat or lambic beers better.

While walking from one of the pubs at the city centre, I saw these... cycle rickshaw / bicycle taxi (?) on the way back to my apartment. One of my friends asked and it cost about 20 euros to travel around the area (and this is considered expensive, according to another bicycle taxi driver just across the road.

I will explore the city center again in the next couple of days. It's very close to my current housing and before my workload gets crazy I'd better spend my time well with the exploration. There are at least the English Market, as I mentioned before, and the Cathedral to explore before I leave Cork.


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