Thursday, November 27, 2008


Time for Korean food! :)

Cooked this on Sunday (3 days ago), but hadn't had the chance to post it.

Sorry for the pathetic presentation. LOL.

- 1/2 kg sliced beef
- Kalbi (ribs) / Bulgogi sauce (I don't mean to advertise, but this brand is pretty good)

- 1/2 onion (Bombay)
- 1 packet of mushroom (depends on variety)
- 1-2 tbs cooking oil

1. Marinate the beef. The longer, the better. At least, the directions at the back label of the marinade sauce I bought says "Marinate short ribs for an hour or longer or longer". Hahahaha!

2. Slice the mushrooms. I like it sliced thin.

3. Slice the onions into thin stips.

4. Heat the oil. High heat is recommended. Put in the onions first, then the beef. Keep on stirring it or otherwise the beef won't be cooked evenly.

5. If you use fresh mushrooms, the it's best to put in the mushroom when the beef is half cooked. Otherwise, you'll need to wait for the mushroom to be cooked well and the beef will be overcooked. A good way to tell if the mushrooms are well-cooked is to see if they have shrunk. The texture changes, too.

Takes about 30 minutes to prepare :)


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