Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fruit Dessert - Banana, Strawberry, Grapes

It's Thanksgiving break, and I'm kinda lonely sitting down here in the apartment, so I decided to create stuffs :)

Today's menu is a fruit dessert!

- 1 strawberry
- 1 banana (not too ripe - difficult to cut)
- 5 pieces of grapes
- condensed milk
- chocolate dip / chocolate flavored condensed milk

1. Peel off the banana, slice it horizontally into 3.
2. Take 2 parts of the sliced banana into 4-5 thin slices. Leave the other one as it is.
3. Slice the strawberry vertically into 8-10 thin slices.
4. Arrange the thinly sliced banana and place each sliced strawberry on each slice of banana.
5. Arrange the grapes.
6. Splatter the chocolate dip / chocolate flavored condensed milk. Use it as you like it, but don't put too much on it.
7. Time for condensed milk. Since the white condensed milk cannot be seen on the banana, just pour a little on top of the chocolate dip / choco flavored condensed milk to add the color. Don't add too much or it will be too sweet.

The reason why I add grapes is to make the entire dessert taste not so sweet, since grapes have a strong taste that can't be easily killed by condensed milk and chocolate. I'm not sure if the strawberries are sweet or sour (still can't really tell by smell and appearance), so I put quite a lot of condensed milk on it and it was a big mistake.

Banana and condensed milk taste good. Just need to be careful not to put too much condensed milk on it, or everything will taste super sweet :P

And, yeah, don't ever use banana peels as a decoration. It oxidizes as I leave it in open air, and it turned out to look rather disgusting. LOL. I wanted to create a decoration like how people can create flowers using carrot peels, but... yeah, it didn't turn out good. At first it looked pretty decent, though.

Look. What do you think of the banana peel tower?


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