Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dangerous Catfish

This is my first time baking at a place with a smoke detector. I forgot to open the window and turn on the smoke fan. I went into a huge panic when the smoke detector alarm beeped so loudly. I thought water would sprinkle in an instant, or worse, firemen would come and spray this apartment with their hose. But, no, thank God. Nothing happened. Phew.

I tried to blend in tomatoes, lemon juice and strong cheddar cheese this time.

But first and foremost, I found a treasure at Walmart yesterday:

My favorite chrysanthemum tea! Aahh!! They sell it for $0.54, which is considerably cheap in the US but considerably very expensive in Singapore. And I found a can of Milo powder there too! I LOVE WALMART, THANK YOU!! *smooch*

Okay, this is what it looks like before baking:

I marinated the catfish fillet in lemon water and sake for a couple of minutes before putting them on the baking tray. Then, as you can see, I put slices of tomatoes on it. Then I put 4 slices of Kraft's strong cheddar cheese on it.

10 minutes on 425F, just before the smoke alarm beeped ^^; Looks more like a casserole to me now. The part of the melt cheese in contact with the lemon slices curds, and it tastes so yummy!

BUT! Thanks to the smoke alarm and my stupidity, I didn't manage to get the fish cooked thoroughly. The middle part of the fish is left uncooked :(

The leftovers (the uncooked part). Now it looks kinda... disgusting. I'm gonna fix this again before I eat it for dinner.


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