Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prove Myself

Yesterday I asked my roommate to help me think of my ESL final paper topic, since it was left to be an open topic. She started suggesting a lot of stuffs, but I bet such topics are somehow unsuitable to the "taste" of ESL - it has to be an academic paper.

Well, there was a really interesting topic about proving my existence. She was talking about Descrates and his famous "I think, therefore I am".

I tried to read his philosophical ideas online, and guess what? I'm fumbled up! I don't understand a single thing he talked about! And I told this to my roommate. She then replied that I should come up with my own points.

I thought about it again, and it seems so impossible for me. At least, I probably need more than one year to complete a paragraph about it. The deadline for the outline is this Saturday, and coming up with an essay outline about proving my existence is just impossible.

But as a side dish, I guess it won't hurt if I start thinking about it. I mean, I want to know how I can prove that I exist.

I can't imagine if we are really living inside The Matrix. And someday perhaps I would wake up, finding myself being put into a deep sleep inside a machine, and I would discover that everything that happened was just an illusion or a dream.

Just like how sometimes a cut on your skin is not painful till the time you look at the wound, it is possible that the laptop keyboard that I'm typing on is just a hallucination. What if in reality, what I'm doing is just moving my fingers in the air? What if all the letters that appeared on the screen as I typed this blog is just my mind's play?

Scary, huh? That would make me schizophrenic.

Let's see if I can prove that I exist within the next couple of months. Not by mathematical method, though. Hahaha :P


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