Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's snowing!

So beautiful... this is the second time I saw snow flakes falling upon me. The first time was during Outward Bound Korea, winter 2006. I remembered that I was so excited about seeing snow, but I began to hate the snow when we had to break through the pile of snow and hiked in the middle of a blizzard. Not to mention that we had to set up a tent on top of newly piled snow where it was still soft and we had to step on it over and over again to make the snow hardens.

Yes, this morning as I walked out of my dorm for my 9 am psychology class, I noticed tiny but noticeable white flakes blown against my face. They looked like tiny pieces of pure white paper. I tried catching some of the flakes, and as the flakes landed on my hands, they vanished as if I had some kind of power to make things disappear into emptiness.

It was cold, and is still cold out there, but it was much warmer compared to my first encounter with those seemingly innocuous yet pretty deadly flakes. I have not much experience with snow - I did snowball fight and made some snowballs when I was in Korea for the hike, though - but when it start to pile up, the inconvenience beats the beauty aspect of it.

Yet, the dancing flakes today brightened my mood!

My brother's nosiness just somehow ruined my mood, though. =__=; Shouldn't have let him read my blog. I'll make sure I sign out of my gmail account whenever I use his laptop so he can't view the sushi blog >:)


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