Sunday, April 17, 2011


Since I was a grade schooler I've been told by my parents that I have a sharp tongue and I should be a lawyer (or a judge and even a prosecutor). In any case, I don't think it's gonna be my future career, but I would have to agree with my parents that I love satires.

My drawings, songs and even jokes can be pretty provocative to people who are not very receptive about criticism (and I am actually one of those people who can get a little offended by stupid jokes). I do realize that, and I still do that because picking a theme that everyone's been picking (like romance and friendship) is boring. I think most of the songs I hear on the radio or my friends' playlists are generally love songs, most of them from Japanese/Korean drama soundtracks. Really, love songs are soooo common that now I think all the lyrics are pretty much non sense and BS (I'm sorry, I really think love song lyrics nowadays are very delusional although I do admit that I like the melody and the rhythm in general).

There was an instance where I saw - online - people who act a lot like Japanese and think they are Japanese and think Japan is the coolest place in the world and use Japanese cliche terms everytime they speak/write. I just knew after I composed this song that these people are called Wapanese, and I had been a Wapanese when I was... 14-ish? But now I have graduated from being a silly Wapanese (I'm not saying that all Wapanese are silly- I was a silly one, that's what I meant).

So yes, I created this song out of frustration about the Wapanese. Why do you have to call people with -san/-chan/-kun (Japanese honorifics; just as one calls another Mister or Madam) when you're not a Japanese and your friend isn't a Japanese either, why do you have to keep saying yoroshiku, hajimemashite, sayonara, arigatou, and why do you keep adding desu or daze when you say a sentence? Then I suddenly remembered about my old friend who said "I can also say Japanese! Toyota! Sushi! Sashimi! Miso!" and then she started mentioning a lot of random Japanese brands and foods. LOL. A lot of things came across my mind... and then this song was born.

Sorry this is in Indonesian. I'm too lazy to translate, but the main story of this song is a person who started questioning why he/she has to try to be cool by speaking Japanese randomly even to people who don't understand Japanese at all :P

And yes, this is the first song I uploaded on YouTube that has ONE person who dislike it. Big achievement! I just feel like people who commented on this song wouldn't say something like "eat that, wapanese!" and such. Well, thanks to this, I know what Wapanese means. 


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