Saturday, April 16, 2011


Two days ago, after the Ikebana written exam, a friend from my Ikebana classmate told me that she was going to have a picnic (and with the sakura trees blooming around this time of the years, it's kinda appropriate to call it a hanami, right?)

So I was like, yeahhh, I want to do a hanami too! I was thinking of going during the weekend, but my friend reminded me of the nasty thunderstorm this weekend.


Then I was desperate to gather people for a sudden picnic on Wednesday evening.. but most couldn't make it for the picnic. Even on Thursday, it's hard to settle on a lunch or a dinner picnic. So when we were settled at 2 pm, I was so ready for it.

I was all gung-ho about the picnic that I woke up at 8 to make steamed buns. Err.... I followed the wrong recipe (I used the recipe for a sweet manju instead of for steamed bbq pork bun) and my steamer is sort of weird, so the fillings turned out pretty good but the bread part is..........


... incredibly out of this world. And what's making it worse was that I forgot to refill the water in the steamer that the buns became... brown. The ones that I took above were still kinda white-ish and good looking. After I tried to reheat them in the steamer (with no water, duh), they became weird. And not yummy :(



Because I was really scared the buns taste really bad, I made crab mayo onigiri too. Luckily, crab mayo onigiri can't really go wrong so I'm pretty confident they're good for other people to eat. Right? RIGHT?

Back to the picnic. Yes, when we first came at 2, it was rather gloomy and windy. We sat by the lake near Japan House and were surrounded by young sakura trees. The weather and the mood got better after a while!

My friend brought pizza slices from Sbarro. You might think pizza and hanami might not be the best combo ever I've never had Sbarro's pizza before so I was happy to have it!

Will be super uber cool to walk on this road with a bf, no?


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