Thursday, April 21, 2011


I want to get rid of my Hayashi Rice sauce mix but I was too lazy to cook rice so I made kwetiaw (flat, broad rice noodle) with hayashi rice sauce. It says on the package that I can use noodles instead of rice and I guess they must be referring to udon. The closest noodle I can find in my cabinet is kwetiaw

Kwetiaw with beef, cauliflowers and broccoli hayashi sauce

And somehow it felt like eating jajangmyun. LOL.

So I have leftovers and I decided to cook rice this time.


I really want to try making hayashi sauce from scratch (the ingredients list listed onions, carrots, potato and some other vegetable powders, and starches like corn starch - maybe if I boil the veggies long enough...?)


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