Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday - The first cake that I made

Somehow I didn't get the chance to make a cake in FSHN 131. At all. Either I was doing an experiment (like making a cake using microwave) or it's got to be something else. I remembered making meringue but not cakes.

I used a cake mix to make the Rilakkuma cake so it's actually considered cheating cuz when I say cook or bake it has to be from scratch. Anyways I didn't do it alone but I would consider this quite a feat considering I have not touched cream cheese frostings before ;)

The birthday gurl!

Chocolate cake with colored cream cheese frosting. Yes, this is America, the mecca for excessive usage of icing, frosting, and artificial coloring.

My apartment. It's super crowded =.=

Time for a more private and intimate chit chats between the bday gurl and the three Rilakkuma cake makers after the partaeh!


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