Monday, December 1, 2008

After Thanksgiving

Lonely? No problemo! I enjoyed having a personal lab session in my own kitchen!

Had a nice Miso Ramen with shrimp for breakfast. Normally people don't use shrimps for miso ramen - more often than not, I always eat miso ramen with chashu (sliced pork). LOL. But I DON'T HAVE THE INGREDIENTS!! I just made up something with anything left in my fridge. Haha.


Okay, and for lunch, I made something simple that my mum used to cook for me whenever I'm home: steamed ground pork filled into big, red chillis!

They don't have the same type of red chillis here, so I used long peppers instead. Unlike the big chilis I use in Indonesia, the big peppers have very little seeds inside, so there's not much of cleaning the inside :)

But, I'm too lazy to take out the steamer, so I decided to put it in microwave instead.

Doesn't look really appealing, so I sprinkled some spring onions (or onion greens, as people would say it here).

The red peppers were actually not bad, but the sweet taste makes it different from the original. And using microwave to steam it was actually not a good idea. Unlike the steamed version, the meat taste somehow hard. It's not tough, but it's far inferior compared to steamed one.

Next, desserts!

I have nothing but yogurt and strawberries left in the fridge, so I just made "fruit yogurt". LOL. But I figure that doing that is very boring, so I added chocolate dip and condensed milk and cereals. Hohoho...

This is the 3rd layer of the dessert. The first layer was diced strawberries. The second one was strawberry yogurt. I sliced the strawberry thinly for the 3rd layer. Then I added a bit of chocolate dip over the 3rd layer strawberries and some bits of cereals before I added another layer of blueberry yogurt.

These are the yogurts that I used:

Yeah, I was kinda addicted to Activia. It tastes great! Not sure about the laxative effect they promote in their commercials, though.

The reason why I used this cereal is because my brother bought it, and he doesn't like it. Knowing him, he'd probably throw it away later. Knowing me who doesn't like food to be wasted, I used it in my dessert experiments. And, yeah, those are the condensed milk and the chocolate fruit dip I was talking about.

So this is the side view. It's like seeing a layer of purple and pink stuffs.

And this is the top view:

Hoho... and this set became my lunch menu on Black Friday!


  1. yooo... anin with pink nail polish? hahahahaha.... kok makanan elo kayanya enak2 gtu sih nin! jadi ngiri. hahahaha
    what's black friday anw?


  2. bukan pink kok, maroon... biar warnanya sama kayak winter coat gw hahaha!

    black friday itu sehari setelah thanksgiving day, dan thanksgiving itu selalu hari kamis. black friday itu kyk shopping spree time - semua toko diskon gila2an. kalo misalnya lu nonton mr bean yang dia pergi shopping sofa, itu tuh kyk gitu. orang ngantri di depan toko dari jam 10 malem hari kamis, trus begitu tokonya buka, langsung serbuuu!!!



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