Tuesday, December 16, 2008

No more finals!

I only have 1 "true" final exam, so I'm done for this semester!

My mum told me to call JAL and ask for earlier flights, and I got them! I just changed my bus ticket to O'Hare, paying $10 cancellation fee. But going back earlier by 3 days is worth $10!

Psych 100 final exam wasn't as hard as I expected. At least I find that the questions in the workbook are much more demanding. One thing I love about psych exams is that they always give out funny questions, and they made me laugh in the middle of the exam. At least they alleviate my exam anxiety by a little bit.

I didn't spend as much time studying for psych exam, which made me somehow worried. On Saturday, Julie (my roommate) started reading Hana Kimi, and because of that, I began reading it too! And I couldn't stop! I read the entire series (143 chapters) on that particular day. Oh gosh. And I didn't do much on Friday either. I watched When The Earth Stood Still (which I mistakenly thought was "When The Earth Stopped"). Not a really good movie; I slept while watching it. I was sleepy to begin with. LOL.

I don't know what to buy for souvenirs... Everything in America is so expensive. The cheapest keychain was around $4.65, excluding tax. And it's not aesthetically pleasant. Urgh. Might as well buy something from Japan when I transit later...

Anyway, I had a weird dream last night. Perhaps it's because I read too much Hana Kimi (I even re-read some of the chapters on Sunday).

There was a girl (I don't know who, but she's my best friend in my dream anyway) who ran away from her parent's match-making plan. She then somehow got along with a boy (whom I seemed to know very well, but apparently he's just another character I created in my dream), and they planned to get married! I don't know why, but later on she went back to her parent's place and then saw the match-making photo. Oh gosh, their parents were trying to match-make her with the boy she likes! So it should be a happy ending... not. Somehow her parents changed their mind because there's a rich/famous/seemingly powerful guy who liked their daughter, and he's a... monster. Maybe. He has such a pale face, as pale as paper. He was sitting in front of his desk, and his face blended very well with the mountain of papers stacked on his desk. Eew. It was freaky. His facial features somehow appeared to be black in color. Aaahh....!! So freaky!!

But I guess I know why. I've been studying psych too much yesterday, and there was a chapter on sensation and perception. I guess I was paying too much attention to lateral inhibition, which is responsible for the contrast of black and white in our eyes. Yes, that must be it. LOL.

Anyways.. yeah, she was kind of dragged to the white man's castle/mansion/dungeon (?), and I came to rescue her. Yes, I took the role of the boy she likes. I don't know where the boy went after the white guy took her away. And... I heard beepings.

It was my alarm clock. Darn.


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