Thursday, December 4, 2008

Fools in Snow

I self-declare that I was a member of F4 (Fools 4 / Freshmen 4 / Freak 4 / whatever... we're not Flower 4 or Fantastic 4 :P)

When everyone was desperately trying to be home as soon as possible, we were standing in the middle of the snow storm, taking photo.

P.S: I love my coat and my hat!

Mogi + Andrew

Found some ice sticks underneath cars. So childish... tsk tsk :P

Snowball fight! I had it in Korea... my hand froze but it was fun!

An elf and two hobbits? Ahahaha...

Cold but beautiful winter. The snow disappeared after the rain today. Well, it makes the air warmer, but... the snow on the ground is now gone. For now...



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