Wednesday, December 3, 2008

More from Thanksgiving :)

Before start posiyng pictures of the dishes again, I want to post a picture of me with my red coat that I like so much :)

A self portrait of myself. Well, there was practically no one on the streets of Urbana on Thanksgiving day. I had the streets to myself. I could even try to stand in the middle of the road for a more than 15 seconds without getting afraid that a car would hit me!

Well, these are the photos of the "dead" town :)

The view I see every Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays:

And this is the Alma Mater statue of my college. The effects of acidic rain makes the facial expressions a bit scary :P

Okay, food time!

Shrimp Chap Cay! Unknown green vegetables with bean sprouts and mushroom slices, and shrimps!


Next, the food I ate on Sunday. I didn't want to make something complicated, so I thought of making pasta. I tried mixing half-and-half milk with butter and tomato, hoping to make a cream of tomato, but... I used too much milk, and somehow there was a raw taste of tomatoes :( Didn't taste so nice.

And because I poured too much milk, the sauce was very watery. Nyahh. Initially it tasted good. I regretted adding more milk to it :(

Discovered another way to present bananas! Peel 1/6 part of the banana skin, and pull the skin wide open so it looks like a sheet. Then cut the bananas!


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