Saturday, December 27, 2008

X'mas 2008

Well, first of all, Merry Christmas! I know it's late by 2 days, but nonetheless I should at least write something about Christmas.

I didn't send and receive lots of Christmas messages this Christmas because not everyone knows that I'm back at home and am still using the old cellphone number. I feel like I really should send them at least a text message, but... yeah, I didn't do it this year.

Perhaps being months apart with so little contact loosen the urgency to send greetings.

On the other hand.. I received 3 Christmas cards from my friends this year. Yay :)

I was ill from Dec 23-24. I was still sick on 25th, but I felt slightly better. And on 26th, I kinda worked since morning to prepare for a huge Christmas party at my house. About 60 people came yesterday. Whew. Felt tired and hot, but nonetheless fun because my gaming partners (my dear cousins!) came over!

Met an annoying person whom I'd never met before. She is... extraordinarily impolite even though I kinda know that she didn't mean it in the mean way (meaning that she's probably joking). Still, her attitude last night was outrageous enough to make 6 people unconsciously shared the same thoughts: she's annoying.


I have a really bad sore throat today. Ergh.


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