Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Baseball Game

Went to my first baseball game ever. I was pretty excited. I roughly know the rules because we used to play some sort of softball in elementary school back in Indonesia called kasti (but since we aren't very hi tech or meticulous about the type of balls we're supposed to be using, we used tennis balls haha). That was fun!

The stadium was packed with people dressing up in Phillies T-shirt and even their baseball uniform.

The sky didn't look that bad when we first came to the stadium.

I didn't bother changing my clothes after work. And my hair was still tied to the back ^^;

We're seated at the arcade seating.

On top of everything, it was a free ticket. I have no complaints :)

The field looks pretty with the checkered pattern. We came a little early so I got to see how the sand part of the field was sprayed with water. My friend said it's done so the sand becomes soft and spongy, but not soaked wet to the point it becomes like mud.

The seat was kind of far from the batter but I could still see the players.

One thing that I was a little disappointed at when I was watching the game was the fact that most spectators don't really pay attention to the game. They were talking, drinking beer, checking their phones... They occasionally cheer for their team but the feeling I had was so different from watching a soccer or football game.

After the first part of 3rd innings the game was halted due to severe weather (thunderstorm).

Everyone seated in open areas were told to take cover.

The thunderstorm was pretty scary but I felt pretty safe indoors. Visibility was very poor. With the stadium lights at the back, the rain looked like specs of flour falling slowly from the sky.

During the game, I tried to take shots of lightning strike. One of my friends kept telling me it's impossible with a point-and-shoot camera like mine. I took about 500 photos and guess what?

Patience and persistence pay off afterall!


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