Monday, August 29, 2011

Bison Penyet

There's this weird growing trend of "penyet" in Indonesia. It wasn't big about 5 years ago, and I think it started with ayam penyet.

Just what is penyet?

It literally means "crushed", but after reading several recipes online it just means the meat has been poked or slammed with a meat tenderizer. Like this

Or this

Alternatively, we Indonesians tend not to rely on specific tools that serve nothing but one purpose. Don't be surprised to see something like "stab the meat with a fork".

I read's tweets last week and saw an iga penyet recipe (beef spareribs). Went to the groceries and didn't find any beef ribs. And then I saw this bison steak.

I don't think I've ever had bison meat before. Since it's a game meat, I know it will be somewhat tough and lean. I decided to go ahead with it.

Appearance wise, it's not that different from beef.

I don't have fancy knife or kits to slice the meat thinly so I used my santoka knife to make about 3-5mm slices.

Simmer the meat in water, bay leaves, orange leaves, white peppercorns, lemongrass and salt. You can add coriander seeds and other spices. I don't have the other spices but I think it's a good base.

Simmer on low heat until there's no more water left on the pan. I think if you use high heat it will make the meat tough. After that, add some cooking oil into the pan and fry the meat until it's brown.

As for the chili that goes with the meat... they don't sell the exact type of chili pepper that they normally use in Indonesia (it's called "cabe keriting", or curly chili peppers). It's kind of spicy, not sweet at all, but not too spicy. It provides body to the chili paste. I tried mixing roasted red bell peppers and red hot thai peppers (small but deadly, yumm). It didn't turn up exactly like how the real chili paste should look and taste like but it's the closest that I can make given limited ingredients.

Place the meat on top of the chili paste, and it's ready to go!

How did the meat taste? A little "gamy" flavor but pretty much it's really close to beef.


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