Monday, August 1, 2011

Bacon goodness

Me and beaches just don't go quite well, so I declined the invitation to bask myself in sun for hours. Living for 19 years in constant sun exposure makes me feel want to limit myself to sun exposure.

I went shopping for working clothes, and then went for groceries shopping at Wegmans. I haven't seen any Wegmans in Illinois, so this trip was my first time there for non-work related activity. Even with Super Walmart, me and my foodie team normally spent about 2 hours in the groceries aisles after having a huge dinner.Wegmans is just waaaay bigger than Super Walmart. So yep, it was an exciting trip. I spent 3 hours walking back and forth figuring out what I'll be eating for the next two weeks. I'm not the type of person who would make a groceries list unless I really need those items (like toilet paper, for example) and then figure out the others once I'm at the store.

Made some bacon-wrapped quail egg. I had these at Yakitori Taisho in NYC once, and I love it despite knowing how sinful it can be for my heart. I tried adding red bell pepper in between each roll. Turned out to be really good - there's a little of sweetness and spiciness when you eat the bacon wrapped quail eggs.

The instructions at the back of the bacon packaging says to cook it in oven at 400F, but I figure that I don't really want the bacon to be too dry or crispy, so I lowered it to 350F for 10 minutes.


Before I cook them I melted the extra fats that I trimmed from the bacon and use the melted fats to baste the skewer. I trimmed the parts where I can only see fats because I don't really want that much fats and I presume that those fats that don't cling onto a piece of meat will cause the wrappings to be distorted as the fats turn into oil when it's heated.

So I added mentsuyu (the kind of sauce you use when eating somen) and black pepper into the melted bacon fats. The reason why I used mentsuyu instead of soy sauce is because bacon is already very salty. Mentsuyu has this kind of refreshing flavor that is not overpowering, so I figure I'd try using it.


Tasted really good. Mmmm~ cholesterol~

Oh by the way I posted this on my Facebook and my friend kindheartedly tried to calculate the approximate amount of cholesterol in those skewers:

‎9 bacon = 9 * 15 mg ; = 120 mg
9 quail = 9 * 76 mg = 684 mg
TOTAL = 804 mg

... and I believe the recommended daily limit is around 300 mg.

So... yes, eat them in moderation ^^;


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