Sunday, August 14, 2011


It's finally the time of the year again! I think I haven't had mooncake for about 3 years because there wasn't any shop that I know of around campus that sells mooncake.

I went mooncake hunting around Philly's Chinatown today. Didn't find much varieties. They don't even have soft skins. Or maybe soft skins only exist in Singapore. Either way, flavor choice is very limited. I expected to see at least chocolate or coffee flavor; I only found lotus paste (a must), green bean, red bean, black bean, and green tea.

...please ignore the egg tart; you know it's an egg tart on the right corner, right? ^^;

From top left: black bean, white lotus paste
From bottom left: Red bean, green tea, white lotus paste, green bean

White lotus

this is the only character I can read (in Japanese it's read Sencha, meaning "green tea"; I don't know how to pronounce it in Chinese)

Some mooncakes have no characters on top of them, but they have somewhat intricate patterns.

These two big ones have salted egg yolks inside; the mini mooncakes rarely have those. That's the only reason I bought them.

Some people just munch them straight, but I like to cut them into slices before eating them.

Green bean

White lotus

Green tea

Red bean

White lotus with yolk

Black bean with yolk

My reviews? To be honest, none of them met my standards. Mooncakes in Singapore are so much better. But hey I guess that can't be helped; the market for mooncakes is probably not as big as the market in Singapore. Afterall, no one in my workplace knows what mooncakes are (the non-Chinese ones, of course).

But no matter how much you like mooncakes, be mindful with its Calorie content, especially those with egg yolks. I once read on Strait Times about 5 years ago (when I was in junior high school) that a normal size lotus paste mooncake with yolk gives you 2000 Calories (and if you follow the 2200 Calorie per day rule, that's almost everything you can eat in a day!). And I know in Singapore they also have DOUBLE yolk mooncakes. Yes, two egg yolks in one mooncake. LOL.

Just be careful not to overeat the mooncakes ;)


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