Saturday, November 10, 2012

Instant Noodle around the World 10 - Chinese Pickled Cabbage & Fish Sweet Potato Noodle

We went to The Hague about two weeks ago to get our Irish visa ready for January. On the way back, we found China Town and I asked them if I could stop by the Chinese groceries store. The shops in Wageningen, the town where I am right now, are small and they don't have a wide variety of goods. I got nice stuffs like kimchi and bean curds. Then I saw my Chinese friend hugging a lot of this instant noodle:

My friend said this instant noodle is very, very, very delicious. All the more the reason to try it :D

Although maybe people who are not adventurous enough might find the name of the flavor to be rather exotic.

Since I bought this in the Netherlands, they replaced the ingredients list in Dutch with a sticker. 

I do understand a little bit of Dutch, but not too much. I had to peel it off to see what's in there. It's quite annoying to do this every single time I buy exported goods in the Netherlands.

The first thing I notice was, naturally, the letters in capital. Ooh yeah, all sort of flavor enhancer, the family of monosodium glutamate (MSG). No wonder it's delicious. But hey it's not a reason not to try. After all, I don't eat instant noodle every day. I'll just have to drink a lot of water afterwards! Then it will (hopefully) be flushed out of the system.

Inside the packaging are the sweet potato noodles, powder seasoning, wet seasoning and pickled cabbage in the green package. 

I'm not entire sure what's in the wet seasoning but it is a little spicy. It's delicious.

The sweet potato noodle look like thin rice / mung bean vermicelli. Sweet potato instant noodles are quite rare; most instant noodles I see in the market are made of wheat. The only other sweet potato instant noodle I had seen (and tried) was Korean, and it's served cold.

I'd like to say that the packaging for the powder seasoning was really poor. Do you see that chunk of white/brownish flake below?

Yup, the powder seasoning had undergone caking (absorbs water and becomes one giant chunk of solid instead of a powder). But it doesn't really matter since this kind of seasoning readily dissolved in hot water even at this state.

The cooking method was also different: pour boiling water into the bowl with everything inside, leave it for 5-6 minutes. I was getting impatient because usually instant noodles take only 3 minutes to cook. It's worth the wait, I say.

The soup looks dark and the overal appearance just didn't look quite appetizing, but once you put it in your mouth... ooh la la! YUMMY!!

The only biggest concern here is the amount of saturated fat and sodium. They are really high. That's why don't eat this every day. Have it as an occasional treat comfort food ;)

I will buy it again if I find it, but I will not buy in large quantity just because there are still a lot of instant noodles around the world to discover!


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