Friday, November 16, 2012

The Netherlands - Lay's Chips Unique Flavors

I don't know if I don't eat enough chips or these flavors are new to me: Bolognese Originale, Cheese Onion, and Paprika.

Sometimes in the Netherlands you will also encounter special edition flavors like Whiskey Cocktail flavor from recipe submission competition or something like that, but these three flavors are always available.

There was a sale for these chips in C1000 (0.99 euro for each bag), which is much cheaper from getting the small bag from the vending machine at school.

I tried all of these, and perhaps my favorite Lay's is still Sour Cream & Onion. But if I rank these three, it would be Cheese & Onion, Bolognese Originale and Paprika from the most liked to the least liked.

The flavor of Bolognese Originale was a little hard to figure out. I imagined it was sort of like spaghetti bolognese flavor: beefy, cooked tomato flavor with parmesan cheese. It's hard to detect these three flavors in the chips, and the distribution of flavor was not really good. In some chips I tasted so much cheesy flavor, and on other chips more like barbecue flavor. It's a good flavor on the overall, but the flavor was a little confusing to me.

The Cheese Onion, on the other hand, is easier to perceive. You definitely can tell it's cheese and onion (and perhaps some other flavors but they're mainly cheese and onion). It's a good flavor, and I think the reason why I said I like Cheese Onion better than Bolognese Originale was because I can "understand" the flavor better. Over time, I might like Bolognese Originale better.

And then Paprika. Basically, it tasted like barbecue flavor with less sweetness and less brown color, and more bitterness from paprika powder / capsaicin. If I eat only a little bit, it tastes good, but the more I eat it, the easier it is for me to detect the bitterness. So yes, it's my least favorite.


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