Friday, November 16, 2012

Instant Noodle around the World 12 - Pork Bone Soup

This is the non-spicy version of Instant Noodle around the World part 11. At first I was hesitant to eat this because of maldigestion problem I suffered after eating the spicy version of this noodle of the same brand. Wasting food is a big taboo for me, so I decided to give it a go.

Instead of chili in oil, there was a pack of dehydrated veggies (cabbage, carrots and scallion). Well, this looked healthier than the spicy version.

Almost everything else from the ingredients list are similar, but no chili oil and chili powder in the seasonings.

Again, there was no nutrition label visible on the packaging and I'm pretty surprised this product went through the EU. As far as I know, food law in EU is known to be very strict compared to the already-strict FDA in the United States.

Well, time to dig in...

It did not taste really great. The pork bone flavor was more noticeable in this version than in the spicy version, although I felt that it lacked something. The dehydrated vegetables rehydrated pretty well - they didn't feel rubbery or exceptionally hard (like the ones you find in Indomie Special Mie Keriting). The noodle was chewy despite being thin and I like chewy noodles.

Although this one is supposed to have less oil, you can clearly see big oil droplets floating on the soup. In the end I didn't finish the soup because I felt traumatized from the spicy version.

Will I buy it again? Probably not. It's not very outstanding. There are still more instant noodles to try out there!


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