Friday, November 23, 2012

The Netherlands - Gezellig

My native language is Indonesian, I speak fluent English, and I speak rather fluent Japanese. Now that I'm in the Netherlands, I'm bound to learn some Dutch words or sentences just by interacting with friends, bus drivers, cash register lady and even random people asking for directions on the street. 

One of the most beautiful Dutch word that has no direct translations to any of the language I know is gezellig. If you try typing it on Google Translate, it translates as cozy, intimate, sociable, social, homy, companionable and so on. When I asked around, gezellig is  also the sense of being fun and excitement in the presence of many people. 

I'm unfortunate to meet 23 people who would stick together with me for at least 2 years. We celebrate birthdays (one day we lit up candles on birthday cakes and got scolded by the janitor LOL), play secret friends (giving one person from the group presents while giving hints on our identity), have dinner together, drink and party together, study together, travel together... basically, they are like my new family in the Netherlands.

And the easiest way to describe this feeling is... GEZELLIG! :)


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