Friday, November 30, 2012

The Netherlands - Fig Activia Yogurt

I love Activia because it makes you deliver chocolate cake in the toilet smoothly. In particular, I love Activia yogurts with fruits inside because I like having an idea that eating it helps me increase fruit intake (which also means fiber intake - and perhaps some vitamins and other beneficial nutrients naturally present in fruits although some of them might have been destroyed during processing). Actually, all of them don't really matter unless the food tastes good. And of course, when I say I love Activia, I really mean it from the bottom of my heart: Activia yogurt tastes really good. 

As far as I remember I haven't seen figs incorporated in yogurt in the United States. Well, I'm stupid enough not to take a picture of the fig inside. I think I know why. The fruit has lost most of its structure, and since it's covered in yogurt, I would just end up taking picture of some soft looking brown/purplish fruit covered in thick, creamy, white liquid. It doesn't look gross, but it's just that even if I take a picture of it, you won't recognize what it is.

The first fig product I had ever tasted was actually fig jam, when I was invited to present in American Chemical Society Annual Meeting conference in Anaheim, California for an undergraduate research award competition. Fig jam tasted really good with aged cheese and nuts. I've never had fresh figs before and I don't grow up eating figs so I'm not really familiar with the flavor.

Fig tastes good with yogurt in this case. I still like Activia's strawberry yogurt the best, though :)


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