Saturday, November 24, 2012

Instant Noodle around the World 13 - MAMA Kimchi

In Instant Noodle around the World part 7 I mentioned that I like MAMA Tom Yum Soup flavored instant noodles from Thailand. Just about a week ago I went to Den Haag again with my friend to pick up our passport from the Irish embassy and went to the same oriental groceries shop we visited before, and while my friend was busy getting pickled cabbage and fish sweet potato instant noodle, I was checking the entire instant noodle aisle for interesting stuffs. 

My discovery: Kimchi flavor MAMA noodle. 

Generally, Korean intant noodles, especially those with spicy-flavored soups, have thick, chewy noodles unlike MAMA's Tom Yum flavored noodles. Well, the noodle was indeed different from the typical MAMA noodles:

It's thicker and more pale. The typical "traditional" MAMA noodle is normally a little brownish and thin. You can even just pour hot water into the noodle in a bowl, and it will be ready to eat in 5 minutes. This noodle has very weak yellow tint. Somehow it looks a little unappetizing, but it doesn't really matter when the soup has an opaque, reddish/orange color, right? Might as well cut back on production cost and make it pale.

There was dehydrated vegetables, but none of them represents kimchi. And I was a little disappointed.

To be honest, I'm not satisfied with the overall appearance. The noodle's texture was okay, not too chewy, not too soft. The soup's flavor is mostly sour and I think it is kind of sweet. It's lacking the kick.  It's far from spicy, especially when you compare it with the Tom Yum flavor. It's not a really bad flavor; I'd eat it if someone serve me this, but if I have a choice, I won't eat it.

My verdict: I'd rather eat Shin Ramyun.


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