Friday, March 1, 2013

Ireland - Blarney Castle

One fine Saturday, we decided to visit Blarney Castle, which is located about 20 minutes away by bus from where we live in Cork.

Rather than just the castle, I personally think the landscape around the castle is much more interesting.

Well, we had a little bit of fun near the water ;)

The castle itself was like a labyrinth: you have to go through tunnels to reach the rooms, and not all rooms are connected to each other. The stairs are fairly scary to climb because the steps are not that wide and you can only hang onto the rope. Oh, and the height of each step is pretty high too.

We climbed all the way to the highest part of the castle where the Blarney Stone is located. According to the story, the owner of the castle, Blarney, became eloquent  after being told by a witch to kiss that stone.

Since I was there, I tried to kiss the Blarney Stone. It was a little scary because you have to bend downwards. You can hold on to the bars, and there's a guy who would assist you so you don't fall when you kiss it. Still, the part where I bent myself backwards made my heart raced a little bit. Ah, and I had to take off my glasses. What a pity.

There are a lot of things to explore around the Blarney Castle. The fern garden was rather interesting; my friends and I agreed that our first impression of the garden was "Jurassic Park". The poison garden was kind of barren when we visited it (mid-Feb), so I was a little disappointed. There are also areas with mystic backgrounds around, such as the Wishing Steps, the Witches Kitchen, the Druids Cave, the witches Stone, the Druids Circle, the Sacrificial Altar (this really sounds scary) and the Fairy Glade.

Nope, I didn't see a fairy.

I still have more pictures on my camera. I had no time to transfer them to my computer. I'll do that... maybe next week. Yeah. We are leaving Ireland soon, so we are currently pretty busy with packing and shipping some of our belongings to Paris.

I'm really going to miss Ireland!


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