Friday, March 1, 2013

Ireland - Celebrating Chinese New Year

I just realized that this post was left unpublished 2 weeks after Chinese New Year. Anyways, Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate!

I had this wonderful plan to go to Dublin to join my friend for New Year Eve's dinner with the Singaporean students association, but there were some unexpected agenda that cannot be dismissed, so I ended up canceling the trip. And I don't want to join the dinner looking like a person who's about to collapse from consecutive days of sleepless nights and 6-hour meeting just before riding a 3-hour bus ride.

Everyone was tired and no one was in the mood for cooking. We ordered fast food (I ordered fish and chips - at least the fish part is still an ingredient you find in Chinese new year food), which turned out to be very unappetizing and most of us ended up not being able to finish the meal. 

Even with all these things going on, I'm glad that I had a pre-Chinese New Year Eve celebration with my former high school classmate and her Malaysian friends!

Steamed seabass with soy sauce, ginger and fish sauce

Lotus root

5-spice chicken

Stir-fried vegetable

Barley jelly dessert

Gong Xi Fa Cai! ^^


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