Saturday, March 16, 2013

France - La Laitière (feuilleté de mousse)

I've been rather busy with exploring Paris lately. And also with class, of course. We attend class from 9 to 5, with 1.5 hour lunch break in between (I love the long lunch break). I feel that there's always something to write on my blog about Paris or the food every single day to the point that I don't know where to start.

Ok, so let's start with this.

The first French supermarket I explored was Franprix because we met nice a corridor mate who showed us the way there. The thing that surprised me the most about French supermarket is the unreasonable length of chilled desserts section. When I was in the Netherlands, the refrigerated section was filled with cheese and ham and perhaps bacon, and tons of yogurt. In ireland, refrigerated section is not the most prominent section.

I decided to get this Nestle dessert because, well, it's Nestle, so it's bound to be good when it comes to something milky (this is my risk reduction strategy, by the way; it's not fool proof but it works most of the time).

Do I understand anything said? NOPE. My knowledge in French is like zero. ZERO. Well, ok, I can say merci, ça combien (I don't even know if I spell this right), s'il vous plaît, pardon, excusez-moi. But that's it.

It's funny how I understand what the ingredients are from the Dutch version (the second paragraph). I can't believe how much Dutch I learned just from going to the supermarket and the open market,. My pronunciation might be off (my Dutch friends would sometimes laugh whenever I tried to say something in Dutch but nevertheless I never give up practicing) but at the very least I understand what they are.

The appearance might not be the best because the top of the mousse was flattened by the seal but this means nothing. This dessert is... superb. Superb. There are thin, crispy layers of chocolate in the middle. It's a well-balanced mix of smooth and crispy textures. And the cocoa flavour is just nice: not too bitter, not too sweet, not too overpowering.

I can't lose weight in France.


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