Saturday, March 16, 2013

France - McDonald's menu is SUPER FANCY

When burgers are too mainstream, we go for baguettes. The normal burgers still exist in McDonald's in Paris but why not try something that only exist in Paris? Well, I decided to get le petite McBaguette.

And what they mean by petite (small) is... REALLY PETITE. The whole baguette fits into my palm, so I would say it's like 10cm x 10cm. It's smaller than the size of a postcard. Yup. It's yummy, ,though. The beef flavour was strong, and the baguette is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside..

Why did I get such a small baguette for lunch? It's because the McCafe right next to the entrance looks enticing. They sell macarons, chou and other fancy cakes. I got the chou sans créme (chou without cream) and the pistachio macaron.

The macaron was so-so. It's a little too cold when served, so the cream filling was a little too hard, and the shell was a little too moist.

On the other hand, the chou was really good:

The moment I bit the chou, the dough kind of slowly melted in my mouth. It's really fluffy. I think I might prefer a chou without the cream filling.

Well, it's fancy and it's nice, and it also comes with a pricey bill (for a McDonald's standard). The whole thing costed me like 5 euros, and my stomach was not in particular full enough. Normally I could get a meal for 5 euros and feel very stuffed.

But it's the quality vs. the quantity.


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