Monday, March 4, 2013

France - Changing my food consumption pattern

I typically prefer Asian food, but when I'm in France, there's no way I should remain so stubborn about food. It's time to explore the gastronomical world, baybeh!

Well, we started with having a mini wine-tasting session. My roommate and I bought 1 bottle of red wine, and two others bought another bottle.

We're students, so we'd like to first start off with cheap wines. Well, we didn't really like the wine on the right, but the one on the left was not too bad. They're not our favourites, though. Which means... more wine-tasting sessions coming along the way!

Along with wine comes the cheese and fermented sausages like salami. Mmmm~

Ok, these are cheap, processed cheese cubes with flavours, but they actually taste pretty good. The mini salami was great accompaniment to the wines, too.

Because I'm a weak drinker, and we didn't have dinner, we decided to eat baguette (costs only 80c! HEAVEN!!). 

I bought what seemed like a tarako/mentaiko called Tarama. It really tastes like mentaiko cream. I put it on the baguette, and it's really yummy!

Aside from meals and wines and cheeses and baguettes, France is also famous for its desserts.

I had a hard time passing through the supermarket aisles in France. Too many awesome foods to look at. They have a great variety of products; not just by brand and flavour, but the type of product itself.

I don't know how busy I'll get at school here, but even if I don't have enough time (or money), I think I can be somewhat satisfied strolling around the supermarket aisles.


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