Tuesday, March 19, 2013

France - Arab Markets

I'm sorry I haven't been able to update this blog. There are just way too many things to do. Sometimes I would go back from school with headaches; having a lecture that goes for 3 hours with only 1 short break after 1.5 hours is enough to make my head goes at supersaturated state. Oh, and that's only half of a day's worth of school.

Ok, enough of self-complaining. This time I'll tell more about my encounter with Arab Market.

My friend who had been in Paris for 4 weeks for internship told me about the Arab Market. Generally, they sell cheap clothes, fresh fruits and vegetables, and sometimes meat and even food.  I'm not really sure of the schedule of the market, but when we tried to ask one of the vendors what time they close, we almost couldn't get the answer. It was a funny moment: we tried to ask in English, he doesn't understand at all and kept mistaking for "when will the grilled chicken be ready", and then in the end we resorted to Google Translate on our smart phones. Can't thank Google enough for this. In the end we found out that the market closes at 1 pm.

It's always nice to have this kind of fresh market around :)


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